The day centre operates from a suite of secure rooms a joining the church. 

Main Lounge 

Quiet Lounge 

Dining Room 
2 Disabled Access WC's


Laundry Room

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Main Lounge: Seats 20-23 members, it's a light and welcoming room, from which most of day to day care is provided from.

Quiet Lounge: The quiet lounge provides a calmer setting for our members who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main. It comfortably seats 8-10 members allowing us to provide tailored smaller activity sessions to meet the needs of members. 

Dining Room: Located just off a corridor from the main lounge. It is capable of seating 20-30 members at 4 tables. We find have a change of scenery for lunch to be a refreshing change for members. The room is also used regularly for arts & craft sessions. 

Secure Environment

The day centre operate in a secure environment with a Maglock system in place on all access points.  

Disabled Access Toilets

The Day Centre has 2 disabled access toilets. They are equipped with grab rails and emergency pull cords.